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Find out how to sign-in using EO-SSO, access your Cloud resources or even link your profile with your Github account.


Once registered on ESA EO Single Sign On (EO-SSO), you can simply sign-in using your EO-SSO credentials (username and password), and you will be automatically signed-in and redirected to the Geohazards TEP portal. At the first access, you may be asked to check your inbox in order to confirm your email address (cf. message banner “Pending activation!”).


If you never received the confirmation email, you can ask the system to send it again by clicking on the link send again the confirmation email:


Click the link received in the confirmation email, and you’ll be able to see your profile page on the portal.

Edit your profile


Fill in your profile:

  1. Edit information such as firstname and lastname, email address, organization (username can not be modified though).
  2. Once you are done, just click on Submit to save your changes.


Direct access to your EO-SSO account is provided by clicking on EO-SSO account.

Change your password

To change your EO-SSO password:

  1. On your profile page, click on EO-SSO account.
  2. On the EO-SSO account page, click on Change user password.
  3. Write your old password, and your new password (twice).
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. Your password is updated.


If your EO-SSO email is different from the one recorded in your profile, a message will appear in your profile (see image below).


Access the Cloud Resources

To access and use Cloud resources, you will need to have an account on Terradue Cloud Platform. To create an account:

  1. On your profile page, click on Cloud Resources
  2. Click on Create
  1. Follow the instructions and see the Terradue Cloud Platform logo:

Just click on it to be redirected to the Cloud Dashboard, see Cloud Dashboard).

See your groups

To find out which groups you belong to, just go to the Groups tab on your profile page. The groups for which you are a member are listed here. Typically, the groups are providing you with specific access rights.

See your usage

To find out how you are using the platform, just go to the Usage tab on your profile page. You will see what is your level of activity for each type of usage of the platform.