Access job result


To visualize job’s result:

  1. Select a job in the Jobs tab from the Processing services.
  2. Click on the job title, the following infos will appear:
  • Job info: main info about the job + access to the Status/Result location
  • Parameters: list of used parameters
  • Results: if specific actions on the result are available
  • XML Result: XML result returned by the WPS

Visualize result on the map

To visualize results on the map:

  1. Access the job once it is finished (see `Discover existing jobs`_).
  2. If a layer is detected, you can display it on the map from the Results part of the job description.
  3. Click on Show results on map.
  4. The layer is displayed on the map.


You may need to be connected to the GEP Virtual Private Network (see Join the GEP Laboratory), in order to download the results.