Interferogram generation with ADORE DORIS

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see user section)
  • Select the processing service “ADORE DORIS interferometric processor”:

The “ADORE DORIS Interferometric Processor” panel is displayed with parameters values to be filled-in.

Fill the parameters

Slave product reference

  • Type ASA_IMS_1P in the Search Terms field (1) and then click on the lens icon (2):
  • Click on Show Other Parameters:
  • apply the date value 2008-03-26 in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field

then click on the button Search:

  • Drag and Drop the first result (the one with Track 129) in the Slave product reference field:

Master product reference

  • Perform the same procedure described previously (Slave product reference), using as values 2009-03-11 . Apply this date value in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field :
  • Drag and drop the result in the Master product reference field:

Point of Interest

  • Type
POINT(13.4 42.35)

in the Point of Interest field:


  • Type

in the Extend:

Settings for ADORE Doris separated by comma

  • Type
cc_winsize="128 128",fc_acc="8 8",int_multilook="4 4",coh_multilook="4 4",dumpbaseline="15 10"

in the Settings for ADORE Doris separated by comma field:


Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job:
  • See the Running Job:
  • After about 20 minutes, see the Successful Job:
  • Click on the button Show results on map, then on the 20090311_20080326_cint.tiff result on the Results Table in the bottom left side
  • See the result on map: