Interferogram generation with GMTSAR

GMTSAR is an open source (GNU General Public License) InSAR processing system designed for users familiar with Generic Mapping Tools (GMT).

This tutorial covers the typical InSAR processing to form an interferogram using two SAR images and a digital elevation model.

The GMTSAR processing service can also process several pairs master/slave (same master).

Select the processing

  • Login to the platform (see user section)
  • Select the processing service “GMTSAR Interferometric Processor”:

The “GMTSAR Interferometric Processor” panel is displayed with parameters values to be filled-in.

Fill the parameters

Slave product reference

  • Type ASA_IM__0P in the Search Terms field (1) and then click on the lens icon (2):
  • Click on Show Other Parametersand apply the date value 2010-05-02 in both:
  • time:start field
  • time:end field

then click on the button Search:

  • Drag and Drop the first result in the Slave product reference field:

Master product reference

  • Perform the same procedure described previously (Slave product reference), using the value 2010-03-28 in both the time:start field and the time:end field:
  • Drag and drop the first result in the Master product reference field:

Run the job

  • Click on the button Run Job and see the Running Job
  • After about 25 minutes, see the Successful Job:
  • Click on the button Show results on map, then on the phase_mask_ll.tiff result on the Results Table in the bottom left side
  • See the result on map: