G-POD GAMMA Level0 Service


GAMMA Level-0

The GAMMA SAR and Interferometry Software is a collection of programs, developed by GAMMA Remote Sensing, which allows processing of SAR, interferometric SAR (InSAR) and differential interferometric SAR (DInSAR) data. The GAMMA Level-0 service, integrated on the ESA’s Grid Processing On Demand (G-POD), performs the image focusing of ENVISAT ASAR Level-0 products.

EO sources supported:

  • Envisat ASAR L0

Output specifications

To be defined

Select the processing

Select the files to process

  • Navigate on the map to the central Italy and define both the geo and time filters for data search.
  • Use the spatial filter tooltip “Draw a rectangle” in order to define the search Area of Interest (AOI) over the central Italy.
  • Use the temporal filter tooltips (the ones with dates labels) in order to define the search time span, both around 2009-02-01. NOTE: you can also edit precise search dates from the “Search Form” tooltip.
  • From this filtered search, make drag and drops from the “Results Table” to your “Features Basket”, in order to select the following input file:
ENVISAT ASAR ASA_IM__0P, 2009-02-01T09:24:28.014Z, V/V, Track 79

Fill the parameter values

Task Caption and Job Title

  • As Job title, type:
  • As input Files, drag and drop the selected product:
ENVISAT ASAR ASA_IM__0P, 2009-02-01T09:24:28.014Z, V/V, Track 79
  • As Task Caption, type:

Run the job

  • Click on the button “Run Job” at the bottom of the GAMMA Level-0 processor tab, and monitor the progress of the running Job:
  • Wait for the Job completion, then check the status is set as “Successful Job”.
  • Download the GAMMA Level-0 processing results once the Job is completed: