Select the processing

Select the files to process

  • Click on the Data Packages button in the bottom right of the screen, within the Features Basket panel.

Then select from the list the “PF-ASAR Tutorial” data package and click on load. The selected data package contains the reference to the following input file:


Fill the parameter values

Define values for the “Job title”, the “Input files”, the “Task caption” and the “Processor type”.

  • As Job title, type:
  • As input Files, drag and drop the selected input file:
  • As Task Caption, type:
PF-ASAR Tutorial
  • As Processor, select from the drop-down menu the value:

Run the job

  • Click on the button “Run Job” at the bottom of the G-POD PF-ASAR processor tab, and monitor the progress of the running Job:
  • Wait for the Job completion, then check the status is set as “Successful Job”.
  • Download the G-POD PF-ASAR processing results once the Job is completed (VPN connexion required):