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OGC OWS Context demo

The OGC Web Services Context Document (OWS Context) describes the use cases, requirements and conceptual model for the OWS Context encoding standard.

OWS Context demo

The OGC Web Services Context Document allows a set of configured information resources (service set) to be passed between applications primarily as a collection of services and supports in-line content as well (e.g. Geography Markup Language (GML)).

The goal is to support use cases such as the distribution of search results, the exchange of a set of resources such as OGC Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) and others in a ‘common operating picture’. Additionally OWS Context can deliver a set of configured processing services (Web Processing Service (WPS)) parameters to allow the processing to be reproduced on different nodes.

The standard provides a core model, which is extended and encoded as defined in extensions to this standard. A ‘context document’ specifies a fully configured service set which can be exchanged (with a consistent interpretation) among clients supporting the standard.

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