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R interface to rLandsat8



The rLandsat8 documentation is live at:

The rLandsat8 documentation source is available at:

Inside R, use ? to view the function's help page. Example:


Citing this package

Installing a release

The releases are available at:

Releases can be installed using devtools

Start an R session and run:


Note the example above install the v0.1-SNAPSHOT release, adapt it to the current release

Building and installing the development version

The rLandsat8 package is built using maven.

From a terminal:

git clone
cd rLandsat8
mvn compile

That generates a compressed archive with the rOpenSearch package in:


To install the package, start an R session and run:

install.packages("~/rLandsat8/target/R/src/rLandsat8_x.y.z.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")

Note x.y.z is the development version number.

Then load the library:


Getting Started

Calculate the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

This example:

  • Reads a previously downloaded Landsat 8
  • Calculates the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) by converting the NIR and Red bands to TOA reflectances and applying the normalized difference: NDVI=(ρNIR −ρRed)/(ρNIR +ρRed)

product  <- "LC82040322013219LGN00"
l <- ReadLandsat8(product)

ndvi <- ToNDVI(l)

Questions, bugs, and suggestions

Please file any bugs or questions as issues or send in a pull request.